Team7: Traffic-Learning-APP

Focus: Learning the Right of Way


I.            Structure of the game the display



Here you can see the different possibilities which you can choose from.
It´s realy simple: You click the button and the different examples (maybe road users) will be shown. After that you simply swipe your selection on the playing area.

II. Structure of the game how does it work?

Target: learning the right of way


Builder =           Create the traffic scenario and defines the position and travelling direction  of all road users (including the »Driver«.).

Driver =                        Solve the traffic scenario from the viewpoint of the driver

STEP 1: Select game type

At the first level, you select the cient of game with the buttons. Here you can choose between:
a) Solo game
b)  Team game
c) Last game

STEP 2: Select a road map

Select a road map from the mixed stack and put them on the playing area. The stack incluedes cards with crossroads, major roads, traffic circle (mini-roundabout).

STEP 3: Select road users

a) select some road users (2–3) and put them into the road map.

STEP 4: Define directions

a) indicate the direction of each road user.
b) The definition of direction is a selection with arrows (left, right, straight on)

STEP 5: Answer the road scenario

Solo game:

>> Answer the road scenario from the viewpoint of the driver

>> Enter the correct order of driving in the answer field and confirmed this with OK.

Team game:

>> The player in the role of the »Builder« send via bluetooth or facebook, the scenario to the teamplayer in the »Driver«-role.

>> The »Driver« Enters the correct order of driving in the answer field and confirmed this with OK.

>> If the answer is correct, the »driver« receives points (…)

Last game:

>> saved traffic scenarios can be retrieved here.

>> traffic scenarios can be saved with the »PIN« Image

STEP 6: replace the points balance and “ceremony”

STEP 7: QR Code & Tutorial (Learning Support)

>> the QR code allows the users to get additional learning content online – directly, for example, from some driving school.

>> the Turorial – is the Learning-Content about the Focus »Learning the Right of Way«, explains everything you need to know about the right of way.


7 responses »

  1. wollepb says:

    Thanks for this description of the app idea. Now it is much easier to understand than from the presentation in the meeting last week. I still wonder how you will find out if the driver solved the scenario correctly. Is this something the builder decides when creating the scenario? If so, can the created scenarios (or tests) be stored for later reuse? Can the builder share his scenario on some web app and other users of the app can download them (this would offer some possibilities for gamification as well).

    Will the app have some basic knowledge of the traffic rules of some countries? Otherwise it would be easy to construct wrong scenarios.

    Moreover, I’m not sure about the learning design / activities / outcomes of the application. Shall or could the app also be used in driving schools or is this more intended as a leisure activity?

    And finally, will the app have support for left-hand driving? 😉

  2. tzippikadosh says:

    Hi team 7

    Very nice application. Really cool idea.
    I’m sure that students between the ages of 17 and 18 really love the idea. And have the most serious demand
    I have several comments and questions.
    A. The application is without color. At least what I’ve seen so far. I would recommend to illustrate some more.
    2. At what age can use the application?
    3. The button that checks whether the answer is correct or not does not always work. And the system returns to the main screen instead of continuing to the next question.
    4. I would recommend to add an explanations. Not just questions. So that students without prior knowledge can use it.
    5. I would also recommend that when the student is wrong. The application does not just tell him he was wrong. It also would show him the correct answer. And you’ll see an explanation for an answer.
    In summary, an excellent application

    Best regards
    TEAM 8
    Tzippi Kadosh

    • Judith says:

      Hi Team 8, thanks a lot for your interest and of course your comments.
      We have revised the mock ups and how you see now it´s colored. The first upload was only a sketch. Maybe explain so even a few questions or recommendations.

      Of course the app can benefit everyone, but our target audience is aimed at young adults. That means 16 years and upwards.

      Thanks for the tip with the observations, it is a good indication for better understanding of the application.
      Point five is already planned with!

      Thanks again for the useful comments and we see / hear us on Friday.
      Team 7

  3. Hi team 7.

    In order to give you some input on your idea we (team 8) will add some more
    points you might think about.

    1. The target group of your app is simply clear. That should be everybody
    who want to solve the driving test. In the EU that can be teenager in the
    age of 15 years in preparation for the driving test for riding a light
    motorcycle (possible with the age of 16 years) right up to people in the
    age of 17 years for driving cars (possible with the age of 17/18). Also all
    other people older than 18 are included if they want to have a driver’s

    2. For the first steps I think it is useful include only the European rules
    of traffic (without Great Britain). To make the app pop up, you can extend
    it on other rules.

    3. Is it possible to create a basic storage for learning scenarios inside
    the app which has the opportunity of constant expansion? If it is, the
    storage can grow by a frequent use of the users. For the future it means
    that the app has a “brain” which memorises more and more complex structures
    and scenarios the user creates. So the game gets more interesting for the
    user because of the growing numbers of possibilities. So you have an answer
    to the point of wollepb (“Can the builder share his scenario on some web
    app and other users of the app can download them (this would offer some
    possibilities for gamification as well).”).

    4. For the single game you can think about the idea creating more levels.
    While doing the first easy scenarios for example with only two road users
    standing on a simple crossing the user gets within the progress even more
    features and scenarios to solve. So you have an arc of suspense within the

    5. It’s a debatable point whether it is useful to have a team game because
    it isn’t a team game in the proper meaning of the word. Perhaps you can
    find a way to make it more interesting for team players.

    6. We like the idea of sharing scenarios with others in facebook. Perhaps
    it is possible to take pictures of difficult traffic scenarios all over the
    world in real. The user can discuss them via facebook and create on the
    basic of these scenarios new ones to solve for other users. Therefore the
    app must abstract the picture to the way you done it in your mock ups. We
    don’t know, if this works.

    7. The app has so many possibilities. For example to create wrong examples
    (in awareness) which the user must correct. To have a shuffle between the
    right and wrong scenarios can prevent the game of getting boring.

    8. We think the QR code and the tutorial tool is a really nice way to expand
    the app, but for this project it is maybe too much work behind it.

    9. Also, for the future the interface design and the technical
    implementation need to be developed.

    All in all we like your idea about your “Traffic-Learning-APP”! It is
    interesting for a big group of people and has a learning outcome with a
    concrete goal, not passing the theoretical and practical driving test.

    Best regards,
    Team 8

    • Judith says:

      Thanks again for this input!!! We have just planned the app for Europe rules of traffic because it is to extensive and also the same reason you described in point 2.).
      Point 3 is really interesting. We will discuss in our group – Maybe it´s possible? But of course it´s a great idea.
      4-6.) are already interesting points to discuss. They are a littlebit to extensive to develop for this short project but they are really good idea´s for the future and the perspective for the project.
      Thanks a lot for your inspiration and comments…we will discuss this and think about. This are great ideas.
      Best regards team7

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